Why you shouldn’t take baby teeth as a precaution

Baby teeth, like any other teeth, can come in many shapes and sizes.

But some of these are more likely to cause dental problems than others.

If you take a baby tooth as a dental fill, it’s likely to leave you with a hole that will require filling and eventually lead to a periodontal infection.

That’s because the bacteria that make up baby teeth also make up a portion of your teeth.

These bacteria are often found in the tooth cavity where the teeth are attached.

That can cause a hole in the gum, which will eventually lead the tooth to burst open.

That also can lead to infection.

There’s nothing you can do about a hole forming in the mouth.

The best course of action is to not take baby tooth fill.

If the problem is with the filling itself, you should be able to just rinse it out.

If it’s a problem with the tooth that’s in the cavity, you can use a special toothbrush to clean it out and try to replace the tooth.

If all else fails, your doctor may recommend a dental extract.

These are a small tube that’s inserted into your gum.

They’re inserted into a small opening in the teeth and are then applied to the tooth as the tooth is being formed.

A few minutes after the tooth has been formed, it will be removed and you’ll get a little cream on the inside of the tooth and on the outside.

The extract works by removing some of the bacteria from the tooth, and also by stimulating the cells that make tooth tissue grow.

This is how baby teeth are formed.

In most cases, baby teeth don’t need any special care or treatment.

They can just be washed out and reused.

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