When Santa and his little sister were born, they were the hottest new thing on Instagram

Baby Yoda and his sister were one of the hottest things on Instagram when they were born.

“Yoda and Rosie were born at 7:45am on December 21st.

They had to be at the hospital by 6pm, so it was a busy Christmas for everyone,” Instagram user kennedy_tiger posted.

Baby Yoda’s Instagram profile, which is now defunct, has been taken down.

A screenshot from Baby Yodas Instagram account.

Baby Rosie is the baby who was adopted by his aunt, but she was not as happy as Baby Yodeas.

Rosie was born in the US to an American father and a Nigerian mother.

While Baby Rosie had a happy life growing up, he says he struggled with learning to walk and speaking English.

He said he did not want to go back to Nigeria and his parents were “stuck”.

Baby Rosy was the first of two children adopted by their parents in the late 1990s, and it took them a few years to adjust to their new home.

At one point, Rosie’s parents were so worried about the adoption that they called in the police to get their daughter back.

The police came and took Baby Rosy away.

They were worried she would go to live with her adoptive parents.

But Baby Rosies first big break came when he was asked to take part in an Australian reality show, Big Brother.

And when he got there, he met his aunt and grandmother, who were now his parents.

Baby Yodees mother, Yoda, and Rosies father, Yedo, both attended the Big Brother reality show together.

Baby Mambo is the new favorite of Instagram users, with more than 2.3 million followers.

When Baby Mambo was born, Instagram users noticed the baby looked like a puppet.

His name means “the monkey” in English.

His mother, Rosi, says Baby Mambos first name is “Yoda” which is a nickname for her late mother, who died of a heart attack when she was pregnant with him.

Rosie Mambo has a new favorite baby name, Baby Mango.

She is a favorite of Baby Mandy, Baby Mama, Baby Tila and Baby Jango, all of whom have a name similar to Baby Mamba.

Some of Baby Yombas favorite babies are: Baby Tama, Baby Yolo, Baby Lolo, and Baby Mame.

Other popular baby names include Baby Choo, Baby Pee, Baby Bitch, Baby Gee, and Yombi.

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