What to know about Down syndrome babies born in Israel

A baby monkey is returning to his home in the northern city of Haifa after more than three years on the road.

The baby monkey, named after the town in which he was born, was rescued by a woman on Sunday from a local farm.

“He has not been seen since he was about three months old, but he has been taken by a couple of friends to a place where he can be given a chance to be a part of society,” said his mother, Yolanda.

The woman, who is not named in the Israeli media, was at work when she spotted the monkey in the distance, said Yolana, who said she wanted to take the baby home with her and his mother.

“They are all very happy and very excited about him,” she said.

“But they are not happy because we will have to find him a new home, and I am not willing to let this happen to another baby monkey.”

The mother and baby are currently living with the couple, who were unable to locate their other baby monkey.

The zoo’s owner, who was not named, told Haaretz that the monkey was brought to the zoo from the nearby village of Beit El by a friend.

“We will have no problems, but we do not know where he is from or where he came from,” the owner said.

The mother said the monkey, who weighs less than a gram and was born in September, will be fed by a staff member, while his father, who works in a factory in the nearby town of Silwan, will take care of him while he is at home.

“There is a baby monkey in a very small cage here.

It is safe, but there is no way that he can see another baby, so he will need a special caregiver,” she added.

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