‘Hindutva’ leader ‘a gay man’

The leader of the BJP’s ‘Hindu Jagran Manch’ party in Uttar Pradesh, Jagran Parveen, is being accused of being gay.

The BJP leader has been facing an onslaught of allegations of homosexuality in recent weeks.

Parvean, who is in his 40s, has repeatedly denied the allegations.

In an interview to Hindustan Times in February, Parveens father had claimed that his son had been living in an abusive relationship with a woman.

The interview, in which Parveenth said he had lost his wife due to the affair, triggered outrage in the Hindu Jagran community.

The controversy caused Parveents father to resign from the party and the BJP leader was forced to apologize to the community.

A week ago, the BJP leadership announced that Parveener would be sidelined from the group.

But Parveeners son has refused to step down, and the party has continued to publicly deny any such arrangement.

In a recent interview to a local newspaper, Parvetan said that his father’s claims of being in a relationship with an LGBT activist were a fabrication.

“He was not in a homosexual relationship with anybody,” Parvetans father said.

“I have nothing against homosexuals.

But his son made it up as he went along.

I have never met his son.

I am not in his household.”

In the interview, Parves father also claimed that the BJP had sought Parveans son’s assistance in the past.

“They asked me for help with my father and I did not give them anything.

But now that he is in jail, I am facing many questions from the media,” he said.

The BJP is currently facing a crisis of leadership and the leaderships inability to respond effectively to the controversy.

On Sunday, the party expelled the party’s national convener in Uttar and banned his son from the state for two months for allegedly abusing the party.

Parveen’s party has been in power in Uttar since 2015 and holds seats in five states.

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