Black baby, baby roach & baby ferret caught in Australia

BLACK baby, tiny ferret and a baby ferreting rat have all been caught in the northern New South Wales city of Gosford, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Black baby, the first rat in Australia to be born in captivity, was caught in Gosford on Tuesday, September 29, after a rescue group called The Black Baby Rescue found him.

“It was a surprise to find out it was a Black baby,” said Rescue co-founder, Dr Peter Maclean.

“We’re hoping to release it in a few days, hopefully in a zoo.”

Dr Maclean said it was not a good idea to keep baby ferrets in captivity for long periods of time.

“If you keep baby rats in cages they’ll get sick and they’ll develop some pretty nasty diseases, but they’re not going to be very successful,” he said.

“You’ve got to be careful about it, they don’t breed very well.”

Dr Melinda Lacey, a wildlife rehabilitator who is helping the Black Baby rescue with its release, said the rat was already very ill.

“They’re incredibly small,” she said.

“They’re very small rats and they’re going to develop really severe illness very quickly.”

Dr Lacey said the ferret was in very poor health.

“The black baby was suffering from severe kidney problems and had internal bleeding from the kidneys and liver,” she explained.

“So the vet had to remove the liver and kidneys to get some blood flowing to the brain.”

The rescue group is also trying to get the rat out of a cage and into a nearby park.

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