Teenager who sold silicone baby doll to police for $6,000 finds a job as police officer

The teenage girl who sold her first silicone baby dress for $18,000 to a police officer has found a job working in the force.

The teen is currently serving a 10-day suspension for her actions.

A spokesperson for the Calgary Police Service says she will be required to attend counselling for the rest of her life.

(CBC News)The teen has pleaded guilty to fraud and breach of trust offences after the case was first revealed in a Calgary Herald report.

The woman allegedly made a series of sales to undercover police officers who were undercover to investigate prostitution and the sale of sex toys.

She has already served six days of her 10-year suspension.

The Calgary Police Services Association said in a statement the investigation revealed the officer involved was not involved in the illegal activity.

We are currently working with the youth to learn from their mistakes and will take appropriate action as needed.”

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