Shaken Baby Syndrome: How to Get Your Baby Back

A baby named Shaken is back, but it’s not so lucky for him.

After being found in a dumpster, the 7-week-old is being cared for at a hospital in Florida by the baby’s mother.

Baby Yoda, Shaken’s owner, said she was worried about him.

“He’s scared.

He’s nervous,” she told NBC affiliate WTVJ.

Shaken has a broken jaw, a broken nose, a swollen eye, and a torn face.

His parents have been told that the baby is in critical condition and they will have to make sure the boy is fed.

Shaking’s mother told WTVN that she didn’t think the baby would make it back to the hospital, and that the hospital is not going to be able to get him to a hospital until Monday.

Shaker, who has been adopted by his parents, said he is scared of the hospital and thinks he will die.

“I don’t know how they can care for him if he doesn’t make it out of there,” Shaker told WVTM.

“You can’t put him in a bed, and he’s going to die.”

Shaker has had a few seizures, but nothing serious.

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