Mom sues for $10M in paternity lawsuit

Mom suees for $1.5M in lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend and his father over the alleged paternity of their child.

Michele Soto filed a complaint Friday in San Jose federal court alleging that her ex, Brian H. Hwang, and his ex-wife, Amanda L. Hwan, defamed her in the online journal Baby Grand Piano, a website run by the couple.

The complaint alleges that Hwang and his former wife, Amanda, took the site’s users for granted, with the implication that the site was an accurate depiction of their relationship and that the two of them were the only parents of the child.

According to the complaint, Hwang told the court that he and Amanda had met on a webcam, but he was unable to prove the relationship was real, according to court documents.

Amanda told the judge that she was in the process of divorcing her ex and that she and Hwang had only been in a relationship for three weeks.

The court document also alleged that Amanda Hwan and Brian Hwang both used the blog to post images of themselves having sex.

Amanda Hwang also posted a picture of her with a man that appeared to be Brian H., the document alleges.

Brian H. allegedly told Amanda H. that the website was not real and that it was her ex’s father, according the court document.

Hwang also allegedly said that Amanda and Brian had dated in college, according in the court documents, but Amanda H., who is the mother of their son, was never with Brian H and that Brian was never the father of the boy, according a separate filing by Hwang.

Brian and Amanda Hwangs have not commented on the allegations.

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