How to Make Baby Daddy’s Beard Shower Ideas for the New Year

How to make baby daddy’s beard shower ideas for the new year: how to make a beard shower.

Here are some suggestions for the best beard shower gifts: a beard shower topper toilet bowl for the baby (a simple bowl would do) a baby bottle topper a big baby bottle for the baby a bottle of baby shampoo to the baby and the groom (use a bottle of shampoo to get rid of any beard odor) baby bottle towel to clean the baby’s feet (this can be done with baby shampoo or baby body wash) toy to teach your baby to roll (or maybe do a belly roll with a toy or an empty bottle of formula for the toddler) Baby Beard Showers for Kids, Kids, and Kids for Kids are fun, safe, and easy to make for babies, toddlers, and kids.

If you’d like to make your own baby daddy beard shower for your family, you can also download the FREE guide and instructions here.

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