Fat baby ducks get a new home in new home

The mother of a fat baby duck has landed a new family home after a family was forced to flee their home in the snow.

Nancy Schloss, a pet owner in California, had her ducks rescued from a family in North Carolina.

They were about 1,000 pounds, but she says they’ve grown into quite a lot of that weight since the last winter.

“We’ve lost about three feet of their back legs,” she said.

“I had my husband bring them up here from Florida and he’s been taking them out and taking them on their walks all over the state.”

But she says she’s now getting a lot more requests for them.

“They’re getting so much interest that we’ve been getting people from all over California to come here and visit with them,” she told CBC News.

“It’s so rewarding.”

Ducks, like other ducks, have been breeding in the wild.

The family, which has been known as Fat Duck, moved to the U.S. after the snowstorm last winter left their old home uninhabitable.

It’s not the first time Nancy has brought a duck home.

“My parents were the first to come over here, and we brought them here with me from Florida,” she recalled.

“One of them was like the smallest one, but it was the only one.”

“It was kind of funny because it was like a little duck, but they were big.”

She says her ducks are a happy bunch and she loves the attention.

“When you see them go up there, you know that you’re going to see them all the time,” she added.

“The only thing that’s really annoying is the people who come here to see their duck, because they don’t know who they are.”

Nancy says she was happy to help rescue the family, but that the ducklings will now stay in the family’s new home.

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