Baby walking shoes and pottery barn: what to look for in the $1,800-a-pair listing

The Baby walking shoe, a pair of baby-size walking shoes that have been sold for less than $1k on eBay, has become a popular accessory.

A photo posted by Lola (@lola_louie) on Oct 11, 2016 at 10:04am PDTThe baby-sized walking shoes feature a 3-inch heel that can be adjusted to a 5-inch toe, according to the seller.

The seller is selling for $1.8k on the listing.

The shoes are made by Loxa.

It’s unclear if they were made in the US, but the listing does say they are made in China.

The shoe is available for sale in three colors: red, white, and gold.

The listing says the shoes are “made by Loyola, the only brand that produces baby walking footwear in the USA.”

The shoes were originally priced at $899, but they have since sold for $945.

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