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A new baby carriage has arrived at the Victoria Park nursing home after a new baby was born last month.

The carriage was brought in from the family’s home in Northcote.

The carriage, which was delivered by a baby nurse at the Northcotes nursing home, is named after the baby nurse’s daughter.

The infant has been named Angel, and her mother, Emma.

The carriage has also been decorated with the angel wings and angel ribbons that were given to Angel by the angel in her mother’s womb.

A spokesperson for the NorthCotes Nursing Home said Angel is now learning to walk on her own.

“Angel is starting to get the hang of her own, and she has begun to take her first steps in the house,” the spokesperson said.

“We are so grateful to have her in our care and she is doing really well.”

The NorthCote nursing home has also opened a gift shop for Angel, as well as a gift store for the staff at the nursing home.

Victoria Park Nursing Home is the only nursing home in Victoria with an Angel carriage.

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