Australia has banned the sale of baby copperheads snake

AUSTRALIA has banned a baby copper head snake from sale after an Australian reptile breeder and the NSW department of health found it could spread human and animal disease.

The department of animal and environmental health, which had ordered a ban on the sale, said the sale was “unacceptable” because it “does not comply with Australian wildlife and habitat laws”.

“The sale of this snake is likely to be in violation of NSW’s animal and habitat legislation,” it said.

“The sale is not only illegal but it is also dangerous and poses an unacceptable risk to people.”

The NSW department said it was working with the Australian Federal Government to consider banning the sale and “implementing a moratorium on the export of this species”.

The snake was caught in Victoria’s west on Wednesday, and is expected to be removed from sale by the end of the week.

It has since been listed as “endangered” in the Wildlife Protection Act and is not considered to be a native species in Australia.

The NSW Department of Agriculture and Fisheries said it would “continue to work with relevant stakeholders” on how best to prevent the sale.

“We are reviewing our policy on the importation of snake from overseas,” the department said.

“The importation and export of snakes is a matter for the NSW Department and the department has no plans to restrict the import of the snake.”

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