How to get a baby yodeling costume on eBay for under $100

A baby yoyo costume for a couple could be the answer to your “why not?” costume quest.

Baby Yoda costume designer Katie Laughlin says her first attempt at the costume came from a fellow yoyogi and her family.

The Yoda outfit is designed for a boy and is called a “baby yoda.”

“I was a little disappointed because I was trying to make a baby-yoda costume and it just didn’t feel right to me,” Laughlin said.

“I wanted to make something that would be really warm, it would be like, ‘Oh, my goodness, this is so cute.'”

The costume was designed for the boy, who will be referred to only as “K,” and was designed to look just like a child, but be worn by the mom and dad, who are also “Ks.”

“It’s a baby and it’s a yodel, but it’s also got a yoda-like, it’s got an all-out, all-in, all over-the-body feel,” Laughren said.

The two-piece design uses a fabric that can be dyed, with a soft knit-like feel that could be worn all day, and the back has a hook to hold the costume together.

The “k” in “kong” is also a reference to the popular character from the Star Wars film franchise.

The $100 baby yokai costume is on sale for $40 on Etsy, but Laughlen said the design is also available online at

“It’s totally up to you,” Laugren said, adding that the dress can be worn at home with the kids or in the car.

The costume is not designed for someone who is taller than 5 feet.

The dress can go up to 5 feet, but the waist is adjustable, so it can be shorter.

The costume can also be made to be made for shorter, thinner women.

Laughren told ABC News the baby yongos dress is a “very elegant look.”

The dress costs about $300.

The costumes can be ordered on Etsy for $49.

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