Baby teeth chart: Baby shark is a shark, not a baby

The baby shark is an extinct marine species, and the mother shark is actually a baby shark, according to the baby tooth chart released by the Smithsonian.

The chart also showed that a mother shark that had been feeding on a dead shark was the mother of the newborn baby shark.

The chart was made by a zoologist who studied the baby shark in 1982 and 1983, and was published in a scientific journal in 2009.

The shark’s skull and body were found on the beach of the Spanish island of Malaga in 1987, but the shark’s teeth were never recovered.

It is believed the shark was killed by a fisherman who was unaware the shark had been taken in to a zoo.

The shark’s name derives from the Spanish word for tooth, therojo, which in Portuguese means “toothed” or “shaved”.

The chart also revealed that the mother’s tooth was a single row of tiny white teeth.

The baby shark’s mother was known as the “bald mother”, and was often seen swimming in the ocean.

The female baby shark was a different species, known as a pug, and had long fins, a short snout and was covered with a protective skin that hid its teeth.

A male baby shark lived on the same island as the mother.

The male baby was not as large as the female, and it was thought to have been the offspring of a female who had killed a dead sea lion in the same area.

The skull and tooth data were published in 2011 in the journal PLOS ONE.

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