Baby Blue Nails are the Real Thing, and the Most Popular Music in Baby Blue is Worth $4 Million

The Baby Blue Collection of Baby Blue nails is the #1 seller in the baby blue nail store, according to a new survey from brand agency L’Oreal.

The company also noted that the new collection is “the most popular product in the Baby Blue line” and the most popular brand in the store.

The collection features baby blue matte nails with a matte finish that is matte, smooth, and opaque, and blue gold, blue, pink, purple, red, and white shimmery metallic finishes that can be applied with a finger tip.

Baby Blue nail polish is sold at a variety of prices ranging from $2 to $4 each, but the L’Oréal report noted that $4 million is a good price tag.

L’Os sales are up 10% since last year, and L’Auberge is the No. 2 seller in baby blue. 

L’Ores new survey revealed that baby blue sales rose 22% in 2017, while baby blue shoes sales rose 14% and baby blue jewelry sales rose 10%. 

Baby Blue is the most highly coveted nail polish in the world, and its popularity is directly tied to the brand’s ability to make babies happy and happy babies. 

Nail polish and baby have become such a popular trend among baby-obsessed brands that Baby Blue recently created a special collection for babies.

The Baby Blonde collection is made of six shades, all of which have a matte black finish. 

The Baby Blondie collection is a matte-black collection made of three different shades, one of which is a blusher.

The Blonde Collection features six shades. 

“Baby blue is synonymous with happiness, and it’s our mission to deliver a range of unique nail colors and designs that will be the perfect addition to any baby’s wardrobe,” L’oreal’s Brand Manager, Andrea Mancuso, said in a statement.

“The Baby Blue collection combines the best of the Baby Blonds and Baby Blushes with new, premium nail polishes, so you can create your own perfect look for your baby.”

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