‘Babies, Babies, Baby’ stars Jennifer Aniston and Jeremy Renner take on the world of Baby Einstein: Baby Daddy cast

For years, the baby Einstein name has been synonymous with the iconic film star.

Now, the name is being challenged by a baby named Isaac, who was born with cerebral palsy and cerebral palsies.

The story of Isaac, a child with cerebral spinal cord injuries who was raised in a home with two other siblings and a caregiver, has captured the imagination of an entire generation of parents, said Jennifer Anston, who wrote the book “Babies Are Our Best Friend.”

“Isaac is a special child.

He has been with us all his life,” Anston told CNNMoney.

“He’s not a special boy.

But he’s a special human being.”

Read MoreThe book “The Babysitter’s Guide to Babies,” about Isaac’s story, is currently in print and has been downloaded more than 20,000 times, according to the publisher.

“It’s a very unique story,” Aniston said.

“We’ve never really seen anything like it before.”

Read moreIsaac, whose real name is Johnathan, was born in 2012 at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia with cerebral sclerosis and cerebral dystrophy.

His parents, Linda and Tom Aniston, took him to Children’s in October 2013 and gave him a name that was chosen from the pool of candidates.

He was born weighing 3 pounds and 1 ounce.

“I never thought of it as a baby name,” Linda Aniston told CNN.

“I thought it was a wonderful name.

But I’ve never thought about it as ‘baby.'”

Isaac has two sisters and one older brother.

Isaac has cerebral palsys, a neurological disorder that affects the function of the brain, but is not considered a disease.

The Aniston family is raising money for an autism research foundation called the Isaac Foundation to fund studies into the cause of cerebral palsiness.

The book is available for purchase at Amazon.com.

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